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Yellow Pages ONLINE LLC is a Media, News and Technology Company.

The three elements to a successful story include headline, picture and body of the story. Within the body of the story we will be including links to your website and/or your Facebook business page. We will be keeping a watchful eye for strategic placing of the page on any recommended pages or Facebook Group pages as well. Typically within the first month the story will appear on page one of the Google search engine page. It usually will connect with your name on page one of Google and all the relevant search engines. The mobile-version will have a phone number which contains a live link that will connect the prospective client directly to your business. We are a capable SEO/SEM and have currently been given the access to set up pixels on your website and your PRESS stories. The Press Story will be placed on that hosting page and will also show up and hosted on our server at NJnewsjersey, NYnewsyork or FLnewsflorida respectively throughout the year. Reciprocal linking is very important for an improved SEARCH capability. The more stories over time, the better and keeping stories fresh and new each season Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall will increase traffic!



We are excited to have the opportunity to operate as your P.R. (Public Relations/ Advertising Agency) into the future. We will be working hard for your company or business behind the scenes to better advance your presence/ branding online.

This new PRO technological idea was launched in 2018 and has been a huge success. Formerly a Yellow Pages Publisher, we have been able to move forward with these ever-changing times. We have found that smaller businesses rarely have the opportunity to acquire public relations services at an affordable price.  

We are Grand Opening Specialists!

– Business Cards
– Website Launches
– Press Releases
– Signs & Banners
– Merchant Services
– Employee Leasing
– Yellow Pages ONLINE Panda Mascot


NJnewsjersey – last summer we did an article for the business. I was wondering if that opportunity was available again? I wanted to speak with the rep that worked with me as I found an increase in business from the advertising program.
— Jeffrey M. Petersen
CEO &/President of TUXEDODEN
I wanted to personally thank NJnewsjersey for the PRO Program! (Public Relations Optimization) has landed our Company it’s first Government Contract!!! Moving forward I will include PRO in all my quotes, estimates and proposals!
— Jason
HOUSECALLS Mower Repairs